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Encontrei o Lovely Blogger List, achei interessante e decidi aderir. Este post é um dos requisitos, ei-lo.

My name is Andreia, I live with my family - my husband and three children near Lisbon, Portugal (western Europe).
I began doing some handmade things in late 2008 when my third son was born. Lately, I've been having the opportunity to do more of these handmade works, specially knitting and this really makes me happy. I learned to knit very soon with may mom and I remember to use at the age of twelve a scarf hand knitted entirely by myself.
The inspiration comes from everything I like: a colour, a material, a shape, the nature, and also the things I appreciate and would like to find as a consumer. 

You can have a look on my works here at www.tricotaria.com

Here are some images of my recent works:

And here images of two winter items:

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