flickr favourites: sewing inspiration

1 - Kokeshi!; 2 - Eylet Headband; 3 - market-tote

Estou de volta com os flickr favoritos. 

Sinto-me inspirada a fazer algumas peças que a minha filha mais velha vai precisar quando for para a Escola Primária no próximo ano.

Espero que gostem!

I'm back with my flickr favourites.

I feel inspired to sew some of the things that my oldest daughter will need next September when she begins the Elementary School.

I hope you like it!


2 comentários:

  1. I think it's a great idea to sew some unique things for your daughter. She'll be mighty proud of her mommy! :)

  2. Very cute finds! And it seems, that we stumble upon some similar places lately :)


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