Flickr favourites: small & simple

1 - a fall wreath ; 2 - Collecting nature; 3 - Peaches ; 4 - wood & woolx-mas tree ulrike

Espero que gostem e vos inspire a criar apontamentos bonitos com pouco, à mesa, em casa.

I hope you like it and hope you feel inspired as much as I do with these images. Lets make something beautiful at our homes with small and simple things.

Have a nice tuesday,

More flickr favourites here.


4 comentários:

  1. small and simple that´s what life is all about :) lovely pictures and it is a perfect time to make our house cosy again.

  2. I love the grandness of small simple things! You've found beautfiul images!

  3. Some of the best decorating comes from the simple items we have in our home already!


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