Season's Greetings


I've updated the about page and so the mission for this blog:

tricotaria is a blog which was born in 2008 during the maternity leave of my third child. It started occasionaly around one of the things I like to do in my free time: knitting. So, tricotaria is my 'area' on the web to share the projects around knitting, sewing, repurposing clothes and things, redecorating, diy ideas or at least to share some inspiration for your day.

What is the main difference between tricotaria and other great blogs out there with similar subjects: I was trying to answear this question lately and it seams clear for me now. So here it is: I'm not a stay at home mother and being a mother of four and having to have a full-day job, this blog is the proof that with perseverence, courage, faith, good work and some (or lots of) organization it is possible to make something special.

This blog has developed during these years and I have also raised with it: it helped me to capture all the beautifull things (even the smallest ones) and pick up the camera whereever I go :)

It is an escuse for me to write, even in English.

It allowed me to know some other blogglers and friends around the world and learn a lot with them.

It is a door to my etsy shop where I sell some of the things I create and that (beyond the fact that it makes me very happy) is a very welcome and necessary extra income for our family.

The style you can find on tricotaria is more minimalist than rustic and being Portuguese I would try to write both in Portuguese and in English.

Once a friend said that she loved to stop by tricotaria for a coffee break...I hope the same happens with you too: you are very welcome!
Have a great journey!

Season's Greetings!

Thank you all for being there, your comments are very appreciated!

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